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     If you don't trust us, then you may have two different choices:

  • Report this site and programs to Norton Antivirus Team, and then live in peace and harmony
    with perception of your civic duty realization.
  • Just go to other places (you can find list on our site) where other submitters are provided.
    There you can choose submitter on your choice and by it for only about 10 - 200 bucks a month.
    Price depends on submitter you chose.

   Why do we do this?

    We are not altruists! There is commercial project. Each time when submitter program starting or
    finishing it's work it is showing page from our site. There are news of
    on it and there can be YOUR advertising on this page!
    Just think - today there are about 100 uniques/day on that page and EACH unique - is the Adult Webmaster.
    And this number grows day by day because the Adam Submitters are the best among free submitters.
    Even among pay submitters Adam Submitters are not the worst. So if you interested in trade with, just send e-mail to trade[at]

    All programs which presented at adamsubmitter.comunder Adam Submittertrademark are
    provided "as is" with no warranty at all.
    The only thing that we guarantee - is that if you achieve any problem with our products, your
    incindent will be necessarily reviewed.

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