Here is user's manual for ATS - Adam TGP Submitter - absolutely free TGP submitter. Unique realy free complex and developing submitter with your-own-database-creating possibility.

ATS manual version 2.1
Manual languge - English
Manual is applicable for
ATS version - 3.01
DBEditor version- 1.32

Adam TGP Submitter

Adam TGP Submitter (ATS) program package is the best FREE autosubmitter of galleries to Thumbnail or Movie Gallery Post sites (TGP or MGP).
In contrast to pay submitters, ATS have the feature of creating a personal database. And it must be mentioned that there is no any authorization on the server. All needed information for submitter successful work is located on YOUR own personal computer.
The package consists of two programs:
  1. ATS - Adam TGP Submitter
  2. DBEditor - TGP Database Editor
Functionally, ATS includes a galleries generator, submitter and mail confirmer. DBEditor supports the automatic parsing of submit pages and comfortable updating of TGP database.

ATS - Adam TGP Submitter

Tab Common

ATS provides almost full automation of galleries’ creating process, their submitting to chosen TGP and confirming of confirmation e-mails.
The process is controlled by dint of sessions which contain the settings for the every created gallery. The basic settings are presented at the Common tab of program window (See figure). Here you can set gallery’s description, type of the content (pictures/videos, general style, temporary/permanent gallery), personal webmaster data, local paths to thumbs in different formats. Also you can set a proxy-server which will be used for sending submit data to TGP and during confirming of this gallery.
Adam TGP Submitter v3.01 - Tab Common
It is recommended to create a new session for every new gallery. From list of available sessions choose the one which will be the base for the creating a new session. Type a name of a session in the Name session field (for example, a name of a folder where gallery’s files will be located - teens056ght) and press the Add session button. Settings of a new session will reflect the settings of the previous one.
Type necessary changes in the fields and press the Modify session button for saving the settings. It is higly recommended to press this button every time when you change session settings in any tab of the program window.
Attention! In the URL field you should point full Internet-address of the folder on a server where files of gallery will be located. Don’t forget to put / at the end!
The program allows the setting of 6 different gallery’s descriptions. It is recommended following the next rule, but it's not a necessity in fact:
Naturally, such assignment of descriptions demands the appropriate settings of a database.
During submit there is often needed to upload a gallery’s preview picture. ATS allows the use of 5 different pictures for one gallery. Full paths to these files should be set in the Common tab, Sample thumbnail pics panel.
90õ120 and 88õ88 (recommended size up to 4Kb) are the most common formats. Others formats are implemented for increasing of the submitter’s flexibility.
At the current moment specific formats necessary in following cases:
Attention! Since version 2.3 the submitter doesn’t support the automatic filling of form fields with URLs of hotlinked from the server preview pictures. It is recommended to upload previews from a local PC.

Tab Category

Definition of a list of categories for describing a gallery is performed on the Category tab. (See figure)
Here you can set the list of categories for galleries which are allowable to use for this gallery, and also you can set the list of video files’ sizes if the gallery contains them.
There are some lists of categories in the submitter, but they don’t always satisfy the specific goal. That’s why the personal lists creating is recommended.
Adam TGP Submitter v3.01 - Tab Category
For example:
The gallery with pictures could be described by keywords outdoor panty redhead teen pussy.
Create a new category outdoor panty redhead teen pussy (input a name in the entry field and press the Add New Category).
Attention! If you use the tag !!Category!! in e-mail template for the e-mail submit, this tag will be replaced in message’s body by the name of the current category for this session (in our example - outdoor panty redhead teen pussy).
Type a word outdoor in the keywords entry field and press the Search Categories. From all array of categories (that contains all categories from all TGPs of the base variant of TGP database) records with the word outdoor will be selected.
Now it is necesary to delete everything that doesn’t refer to gallery’s content, for example, lines with words video, anal, etc.
There are two ways for realization of this objective:
1) by use of Delete from list button, which function is to delete lines, containing typed keyword, from the list;
2) by use of Filter instrument. It works the same way as Delete from list button but it supports multiple keywords selection.
Type the keyword video and press the Delete from list button. Lines which contains the typed keyword will be deleted from the list of chosen categories. Also if keyword is not presented yet in filter, it will be added and checked, if it is presented already, it will be only checked. The same should be done with others unwanted categories.
When the list of allowable categories with word outdoor is created, the filter contains number of checked keywords, which are not allowed for your gallery description.
Now type keyword pant and press Search Categories.
It must be mentioned that phrases with word pant, which are presented already in list will be not added once again.
Then press Filter button. All unwanted categories will be deleted from list. Review list and expel categories with unwanted keywords by use of Delete from list button.
Repeat the similar procedure with the keyword red.
Repeat procedure with the keyword teen.
Repeat procedure with the keyword puss.
As a result, we have the list of the most appropriate categories for this gallery. For providing the maximum efficiency of automatic submit the list should be sorted by preference.
For example, the Outdoor teen is more preferable than the Outdoor gallery. That’s why Outdoor teen should be placed in list higher than Outdoor gallery. As a result, for the TGP where there are both such categories in the list of available categories, one that is placed higher in the list of preferences will be firstly found.
Attention! Category selection algorithm works this way: the displayed name (not ID) of each category from all available on the submit-form of current TGP is sequentially compared with all lines in the list of preference of the current profile. Having a FULL match, the search is stopped, and the matched category becomes an active. If search didn’t match (in the list of preferences there is no line fully coincident with any available on current TGP category), the submit process in this thread (browser window) stops, and the inactive zone of the window and the button on the vertical switchers panel are stained in red color. You should manually choose the category and press the sending data button on a submit form.
When the list is completely created, press the Modify Category. All changes are saved at that.
The list of video files sizes is formed the similar way, but much easier.
Don’t forget to fix the chosen category for the current session, pressing the Modify Session button.

Tab Email

Settings of the server that used for sending mail in e-mail typed TGP, and an email template are located on the Email tab. (See figure)
Adam TGP Submitter v3.01 - Tab Email
If you don’t type specific information in the TGP database, email address chosen on the Common tab, and the subject of message, set on the Email tab, will be inserted in the message header.
On the email template you can use following tags:
Attention! If you don’t set the Hand checkbox for the email TGP, the submit will automatically use the data from the TGP base and the specified mail template. If you set the Hand checkbox, during the submit process the browser windows will be opened with loaded TGP submit pages. Also, if you press a button at the browser window, the e-mail body for this TGP will be copied in the clipboard. It is recommended to set the Hand checkbox, for those TGP which are periodically changes submit-mail (like the Candylist) or there is needed to choose the category (Bulldoglist and etc). Submit to such TGP will be realized by use of email client installed on your system.

Tab TGP Base

Here you can choose TGP for submitting, set the type of the used gallery’s description (you can do the same in the submit window) and set some personal settings (partners data, names of gallery files). (See figure)
Adam TGP Submitter v3.01 - Tab TGP Base
TGP list is displayed with the following color and font legend:
Choose TGP for submit by setting the Check checkbox. There are controls for automatic selection and unselection by TGP groups (Partner, Password TGPs), by niches, by state of checkbox Bad TGP.
Adam TGP Submitter v3.01 - Check instrument
If TGP have the Big tgp checkbox set, the generated page won’t have a counter code. Also, recips of similar TGPs will form a group.
Set of the Hand checkbox means that the button of sending data won’t be automatically pressed for this TGP.
Settig of the Press Submit checkbox with Hand chekbox set at the same time forces submitter to press submit button during submit process oh Hand-marked TGPs. After next after submit page loaded, process stops. This checkbox is useful if there is multipage submit for this TGP (for example, on the first page you must type your personal data and URL of your gallery, and on the second page you must upload thumbnail).
If checkbox Pic Filter is set, then for this TGP images, located on the submit form, will be loaded. It is needed for automatic tickets autoloading (ofcourse if you do not allow images autoloading for the increasing of submit speed).
The Recip field in the database shows how many recips are allowable at the gallery’s page which will be created for this TGP:
  1. No recips;
  2. Only one, it's own recip;
  3. More than one recip (usually 3).

Rules of some TGPs demand that description of your gallery must include number of thumbs, or each word must be capitalized, or description must be like Girl posing nude, thanks John Dow. For such cases there are Description Modification system implemented.
You must compose description pattern. There is no need of this pattern if TGP can be satisfied with one of 6 standard descriptions.
Rules for Extended Description pattern composing:
Pattern is tag-based. Available tags:
!Pics! thumbs of !Desc! sent by !Name!
!Pics! pics of !+Desc!, sent by !Name!
!Pics! !=Desc!
After you have compose Ext Desc pattern, you can store it to database by pressing Modify button.
Also you can add or change (if presented) memo note for TGP. This note you can add or change during submit process too. Don't forget to store changes by pressing Modify button.
In case if TGP demands only its own recip, there is possibility of setting the gallery’s filename. Point cursor on the required TGP and type the filename in the Name file entry field, after that press the Modify button.
The data for password’s TGP may be inputed the same way.
Adam TGP Submitter v3.01 - Modify button with fields
Attention! Don’t forget to input the email address which you pointed at the partner’s status requesting. The email address will be pasted in the form during the submitting to partner’s TGP.
For more comfortable work with the database you can sort TGP by number, name, niche and comments.
Adam TGP Submitter v3.01 - Sort buttons
Also, there is a possibility of search by submit page’s URL (TGP’s domain name).
You can hide and show columns of the database table.
Adam TGP Submitter v3.01 - Show/hide & find
The specific project with all personal database settings (TGP's Check, BigTGP, Hand, etc statuses, partner accounts, filenames an so on) could be saved as a separate file. This file will be *.ats. Later you can load this file, or file of previous ATS version (*.dat).
Adam TGP Submitter v3.01 - Load/save base
TGP database is located in ATS ./db directory. Editing of this database is allowable through the DBEditor.
Attention! Unfortunately, because of some system limitations, work of ATS under Win9x is NOT guaranteed! Recommended to use it under Win2K or XP.
The Clear Partner Data button deletes all partners’ nicknames and emails from the database but the marks Check, Hand, BigTGP, Bad TGP, Press submit, Pic Filter stay without changes. Gallery’s description types assigned to TGPs also not clears.
The Clear All button deletes all data that are pasted in the fields which are allowable for changes from this tab, except the type of a used description.
Attention! There are list of mainstream TGPs checked and minimal settings maded in the database. This list allows to do the initial (test) submit. All noted TGP don’t demand a password or give it without any problems (automatically send it).
Double click on the database line will start default Internet Browser with pointed TGP's submit page loading.

Tab Groups of Recips

ATS supports two methods of the gallery’s pages generation: random insertion of recips and insertion of recips by specified groups.
Recips’ groups may be set on the Groups of Recips tab (See figure).
Adam TGP Submitter v3.01 - Tab Groups of Recips
Controls, available here:
Right button – add a recip in a group table (one TGP could be added only once);
Left button – delete TGP from a group table;
Up and Down buttons – move TGP inside a group table.
You can add TGP which is not marked as Checked in a TGP table. In this case, the gallery won’t be sent to this TGP, but the recip of this TGP will be pasted on a page.
TGP with one or no recip allowed can’t be pasted in the recips group table.
Attention! It must be mentioned, that on the mirrors of gallery, which created with grouped recips, counter will be not inserted.

Tab Generation

Here concentrated settings of the gallery pages generator. (See figure)
Adam TGP Submitter v3.01 - Tab Generation
Settings on the Path panel:
Server-side path to buttons path to files of recips at the server (if recip will be pasted on the page, the tag !url! in html-code of a recip will be changed by this field’s value). Don’t forget to put / at the end!
Source Pattern File pattern file of the gallery. On it’s basis the gallery’s files will be generated. Use the specific tags <!--recip--> and <!--counter--> in the pattern. HTML code of counter and the table with recips will relace these tags.
Output Path for Files the disk folder where files of gallery will be generated.
On the File Name panel located settings of the rules for the names generation for files of gallery.
Name of the gallery are created from 2 parts: constant for all files and unique.
Constant part is a prefix of the name, suffix and extension of the file.
Unique part of filenames could be generated by two methods:
For the guaranteeing of each filename originality it is not allowed to set type for first 4 characters to n.
Filename created out of parts this way:


The HTML for Counter field contains the counter code. This code will change tag <!--counter--> in pages of those TGP for which the BigTGP field isn’t marked, and they didn’t included in the recips' groups table.
The Recip panel contains the settings of the table with recips that is pasted instead of <!--recip--> tag. It is recommended to write this tag in the gallery’s pattern this way:
You can paste your own recip’s html-code in the Your recip code field. In this case, it will be pasted in the every generated with three recips page (two from the base and one yours).
The mark Add recips on last page if less 3 means that if all checked TGP will be already used before the last page generation, on the place of missing recips will be pasted the recips from Easypics and Richard-realms TGPs.
Pressing the Generate Pages button will start creation of the file of the submit base (adam.db) and the set of gallery’s files with recips in the directory you specified. If the table of recips’ group wasn’t created (on the Groups of Recips tab), the recips from different TGP will be grouped randomly, except the recips from those TGP which have the field BigTGP marked. They are will be grouped with each other, and the code of counter won’t be placed on their galley’s files.
For single-recip’s TGPs generated galleries’ files would have the names which are set in the database. If names aren’t set, they will be created by the chosen method.
For TGPs without recips the gallery’s file is created with the name that is set in the File name for w/o recip TGP field. If the table of recips’ groups was created, gallery’s files are generated for consolidated TGPs. The order of recips is like order of TGPs in the group table, but from each TGP recip will be taken randomly (every TGP can have three different recips in the database). For others TGP, marked for submit, galleries are generated by usual method with a random recips’ placing.
Attention! Code of the counter won’t be pasted in the galleries’ files generated for grouped TGPs and for those which have a BigTGP field marked.
Created set of files should be uploaded to the server into the directory that is specified on the Common tab in the URL field. Don’t forget to upload the pictures.

Tab Submit

There are settings of submit process on the Submit tab (See figure).
Adam TGP Submitter v3.01 - Tab Submit
The Submit method field has three possible values:
The Option for auto field shows the method used for submit to TGP that have no mark in the Hand field:
In the Number of submit threads field you can set the number of Browser windows that will be automatically opened in the same time during the submit. It is the number of submit threads.
In the Delay before submit (Sec) field you can set the time of delay before the automatic pressure of the button of sending data.
The List of words for closing windows field contains the list of phrases which will be searched on the pages loaded after the sending data, which's presence on the page is considered as a successful submit.
Submitter can delete cookies before a submit. For this you need to set the appropriate option and the directory where cookies are saved.
Before starting submit you should choose and load a submit base – the file adam.db that is created during the pages’ generation in the same folder as a html-pages.
Press the Browse button, select file, and then press Open Table button. The submit base will be loaded.
The submit by chosen method will be started if you press the Start Submit button.
Submit will be realized for TGPs which have unchecked checkbox in the Result column. Checkbox is checked if the submit was successful, or by hand.
If submit is unsuccessful (the user pressed the Cancel button during the time of submit), this field won’t be marked. Later you can repeat the submit to unmarked TGPs by starting submit process again (Start Submit), or you can submit to the TGP individually. Just click twice on the chosen TGP and if its Result field is unmarked, then suibmit form will appear with submit-page of current TGP loaded.

Submit methods:

Submit to email TGP.
Submit to email TGP realizes in two phases – a submit to TGP marked as Hand and a submit to others email TGP.
During a submit by hand, the browser window with loaded submit page of TGP will be opened. At this page you must click the link which opens the email client and/or choose the gallery’s category. On the form of browser window there is a button which copys the email body for the appropriate TGP into the clipboard. Paste this text into the window of email composing and make the necessary changes.

Adam TGP Submitter v3.01 - Hand submit to email TGPs
After a submit by hand into email TGP, a submit to others email TGP starts. It is fully automatic. The information window will report about results of submit.
Adam TGP Submitter v3.01 - Auto submit to email TGPs

Submit to usual (html form) TGP.
Having an automatic submit, the submitter can press the button of sending data and decides to close windows itself. In the hand mode submitter does not press buttons automatically.
At the same time the submitter can work with a 30 browser windows. This work goes through many threads, so, the problem in the one window doesn’t affect the submit process in others windows.
Quick switching among browser windows is possible from the vertical console with a windows buttons and two types of close buttons (look at the figure).

Adam TGP Submitter v3.01 - Vertical switching consol Adam TGP Submitter v3.01 - HTTP submit window
At the browser window, there are loaded document area and few buttons of control, buttons of quick access to the session settings fields, field of gallery’s description choice for this TGP, check-boxes Check, Hand, BigTGP, Bad tgp, Pic Filter. Also there are button, which adds chosen category on the submit form to the category list assigned to this session, and button which makes the same job with size of movie clip.
Control buttons:
Stop All - stop the submit process and close all opened browser windows.
Stop stop the process of loading or information transmission in the current browser window.
Open Page load the submit page which URL is set in the database. It’s NOT the button of refreshing of the window’s content. Use the F5 key for refresh.
Cancel close the current browser window. Checkbox Result will be not checked for the current TGP. It is recommended to use this button if the submit to current TGP was unsuccessful. If the submit was successful, you can close the window by pressing X (the Result checkbox will be checked in that case) at the right top angle of window.
Add Category and Add File Size buttons allow adding a chosen category or a file size to the list of categories or movie clips’ sizes.
Checkboxes allow to change on-the-fly (in the submit process) fields Check, Hand, BigTGP, Bad tgp, Pic Filter of the active at the current moment TGP. It can be used if TGP changes its rules or for optimization of the personal submit-base.
You can choose the nype of used description for this TGP in the field with drop-down list of descriptions. This change will be used since the next start of submit process.
Others buttons are linked with the appropriate fields of session settings. If you press them, the appropriate values will be copied into the clipboard.
If the TGP submit page was successfully loaded and the appropriate category was chosen, the button at the vertical console and browser window area where buttons are placed will be colored with a green color. If conditions aren’t realized, the color will be red. In this case the button of sending data won’t be pressed automatically.
There is possibility of creating some text comment for TGP during submit. Just type comment to the input field and press Add com-ts. By the way there are 2 buttons with presets for comments - URL Moved (it is recommended to use this button if TGP have changed its submit-URL), Not Filled (our recomendation is to use this button if some fields or whole submit form is not filled automatically).
Buttons (OK) and (Cancel) on the vertical console closes the appropriate browser window with putting ((OK)) or not ((Cancel)) mark in the Result field for this TGP.

Tab Email Confirm

After submit finishes there is need to do the confirmation. Settings of the mailbox, mail analyzer, confirmation process are placed at the Email Confirm tab (look at the figure).
Adam TGP Submitter v3.01 - Tab Email Confirm
Before the confirmation, ATS receives the messages from the mailbox. Parameters of the mailbox should be set in the POP3 Server, User, Password fields. The Delete messages from server field shows if mails will be deleted from the server after receive. E-mails receiving starts after pressing the Receive all messages button.
Confirmer automatically marks those messages in the text of which the word pass was found, or if in the sender address there is a word from the List domains of expected messages.
Searching for confirm-links in the messages starts if the Find confirm links button pressed. If yes set in the Del mes-ge if conf-link was found field, the messages where the links were found will be deleted from the list of received messages.
Link would be marked as a confirm link if one word from the Find word in link list was founded in the link's text.
Texts of messages could be looked through at the Text tab. If the message is in HTML-format, you can see how it looks like in the browser at the HTML tab. The headers reflects for the current message, and in the separate field – the confirm link (if it was found).
Before the beginning of the confirm process you may need to set the number of simultaneously opened browser windows (Number of confim threads) and the setting of automatic closing of windows (Auto closing windows). Windows will be closed if the phrase from the List of words for closing windows will be found in the text of the loaded document.
Confirm starts if the Start Confirm button is pressed.
Attention! Confirmer can automatically confirm only those messages where the confirm links are contained. If messages should be replied, or, for example, there is HTML-document that reflects the button that should be pressed (like Sex-series), the confirmer is useless. At the second case you can press the button on the HTML tab.

Tab News

News tab reflects the news page of site Adam Submitter.
And on that page checking of the newest submitter version performs.

Tab Notes

On that tab located simple text editor which you can use as notebook. Ititially there is Desc Modification rules described in the text file loaded.

version 2.0 of ATS manual © Max
Adam TGP Submitter and DBEditor © Adam